Profit From Your Cleaning Skills

Yes, many individual house cleaners and cleaning businesses have gotten a bad name. Former customers often complain that the work was amateurish. Cleaners don’t always show up or they're not on time. They don’t answer the phone. They’re dishonest. They want the money but they don’t put in the effort and responsibility that it takes to earn it. And on and on.


Many people would rather clean their own houses than take a chance on freelance cleaners and businesses. That’s just exactly why White Glove was founded. Our goal is to be the best in each city we serve. We do this by providing a service based upon high standards of performance and extraordinary customer concern.

White Glove's Procedural Manual is designed to build enthusiastic customers through thorough methods.

What makes White Glove successful?

Why would you want to own your own

White Glove franchise business?

Some people do not want house cleaners. A large number of homeowners who have had cleaners may not have anyone again. Why? The answer is because the quality of work is too often not very good, and the cleaners usually are not dependable.

High standards of performance mean a professional level of quality that happens as our cleanologists are “fastidiously thorough” (which is our motto). Even after initial training, our cleanologists participate in ongoing learning, too. Their work is observed and inspected, and performance reviews take place regularly.


Exceeding Expectations


An important part of our high standards is the extraordinary effort that we make to ensure that White Glove and our clients are on the same page as to expectations. Too many freelancers and businesses don’t make the effort to make sure they are at least meeting customers’ expectations. That’s another reason so much of the public is disillusioned with cleaning services.

High Performance Standards

And at White Glove, we strive for more than just "satisfied" customers. Our goal is to "exceed expectations" so clients go beyond satisfaction to enthusiasm. This results in client loyalty and referrals to their friends and family members

Extraordiary Customer Concern

In business, a brand refers to the quality behind the name. In other words, it is what the public thinks of when hearing a company’s name or seeing its logo. So, a brand exists only in someone’s mind.

Unprecedented concern for our clients means developing friendly, yet professional relationships. We treat clients and their furnishings with respect and with a level of friendliness and concern, much like next-door neighbors. Our clients welcome us into their homes. Therefore we try to create a rapport as invited house guests. When a client expresses a concern, we listen. When they ask a question, we respond. When they call, we answer. When we say we will do something, we see that it is done. Being exceptionally responsive is more than customer service—it’s the way we treat our friends.



With an extremely high referral rate and positive feedback, our clients tell us that we’ve succeeded in achieving our mission and goals. White Glove enjoys a public image of dedication to superior work, honesty and trust, and concern for the client. This is the White Glove brand!

The image that the public sees in their minds is made up of three principal things:


  • the way the company does business,

  • the quality of work the business does, and

  • the way the business treats its clients.

The graphic below shows the 5 Points that make up White Glove's brand--in other words, the way we do business, our work, and the way we treat our clients.