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There's only one of you.

As an individual business owner working just by yourself, you can spread yourself only so thin.


As a White Glove Franchisee:

How much can I make?

 Your First Limit:  You are limited by your PREFERENCE.


In one month do you want to clean 5 times, 10 times, 15 times, or more? Even if you could get more customers, how many times a day would you PREFER to clean?  Some may want to clean no more than 1 or 2 houses a day. Others may have the energy to clean 3 or more.


How many houses can you juggle?  In other words, how many house cleanings can you do as an individual? As just one person, you are limited in 2 ways to how many houses you can clean and how much money you can earn. Here are the 2 limits:

Realistic Income As a

White Glove Franchisee



Scheduled cleaning on a regular basis (every week, every 2 weeks, or every month) will count for most of your income just like it probably does now as a freelancer. Let’s look at how much you can make.


White Glove requires a minimum of 2 people to work as cleaners. So as a new White Glove business owner you would have at least one other person besides yourself doing the cleaning. Here is an example of how much a two-person White Glove cleaning team would earn:


Depending upon size of houses serviced, two people together would gross the following using White Glove’s current price structure, working at $25/hour, Monday-Friday, averaging 22 workdays per month:


Small Houses:         

2 per day; 3 hrs= $150, or $3,300/month

3 per day; 4.5 hrs= $225, or $4,950/month

4 per day; 6 hrs= $300, $6,600/month


Medium Houses:

2 per day; 4 hrs= $200, or $4,400/month

3 per day; 6 hrs= $300, or $6,600 per month

4 per day; 8 hrs= $400, or $8,800 per month


Larger Houses:       

2 per day; $250; 5 hrs= $5,500 per month

3 per day; $375; 6.5 hrs= $8,250 per mont

4 per day; $500; 10 hrs= $11,000 per month


Of course, a typical business would service a mix of small, medium and larger houses, so the actual gross per month can be projected to be between $3,300 and $11,000, working 3-10 hours daily.  Realistically, your team may want to do 2 or 3 houses daily, depending on house sizes; therefore, a good average example considering all house sizes follows:


Average Gross Income


A two-person team working 3 houses daily (of various sizes) will average


5 Hours/22 Days for $6,600 Per Month


Remember, this is for a single 2-person team. You could greatly increase your income with a 3-person team, and by hiring additional teams. Just think, if you had four 2-person teams, your business could average $26,400 monthly!

As owner of your own White Glove cleaning business, you can juggle as many houses as you want!  That’s because you are no longer one person because you can hire others to help.


The money you can make is limitless!


Whatever our preference, work as little or as much as you want. And time makes no difference because if you want to clean more houses, just hire more employees. The amount of money you can make depends all on you.


You and White Glove can make it happen.


You’re not building your business from the ground up. White Glove gives you the business and teaches you how to run it to make good money. We’ll even give you customers, which means you’ll be making extra money from the very start.


You’ll have the White Glove name and other White Glove business owners in other cities in your area—all building our (including yours) respected reputation that attracts customers. You’ll be part of a great White Glove Website, effective White Glove advertising and marketing, and ongoing training to bring in more money and greater profits.

 Your Second Limit:  You are limited by TIME.


Whatever your preference is, there are just so many hours in each day and each month that you can clean. Let’s say you want to clean no more than 3 houses a day. That’s a maximum of 15 a week, and 60 a month (working Monday to Friday).


If you earn $20 per hour, the absolute maximum you could earn in a month is $1200. (Again, that’s cleaning 3 times a day, 5 days a week, 20 days a month.)


So, what’s the point?


Regardless of how much you want to clean each day, each week, each month, you are limited to how much you can clean and the money you can make. You’re only one person and one person can earn just so much. But, if you owned your own White Glove cleaning business, the amount of money you could make is limitless!


How much can you make?




In business the many different ways of making money are called “income streams.” That’s because money “streams” in from difference sources (ways). The main “way” or income stream into your White Glove business is from regularly scheduled cleanings (see right column above). Here are other ways to make money from services customers often want:


  • Custom Cleaning is what White Glove calls extra services at extra cost that customers may want included in their basic home cleaning. This includes polishing, vacuuming furniture, treating leather chairs and couches, and more. (See White Glove’s Website for more Custom Cleaning options.)


  • Odd Job Cleaning is what White Glove calls occasional tasks that customers want from time to time. These include cleaning insides of ovens and refrigerators, washing walls, cabinets polished, blinds hand cleaned, curtains vacuumed, etc. (See White Glove’s Website for more Odd Job Cleaning options.)


  • Deep Cleaning refers to a deeper, more thorough detailed cleaning of entire rooms in which furniture is moved things and places are cleaned that are not during regular cleanings. (See White Glove’s Website to learn more about deep cleaning.)


  • Move-In/Move-Out cleaning is a special thorough cleaning of homes just after someone has move out, or is about to move in. (See White Glove’s Website to learn more Move-In/Move-Out services.)


Dont' Forget Supplementary Services, Too


Then there are what we call “supplementary” services that White Glove business owners may want to learn and offer their customers. These include window washing, carpet and upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning.


There are lots of ways you can “stream” money into your profitable White Glove business.


Make Even More With Your With

White Glove Business

Unless you are a self-employed as an individual who files an itemized tax return with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), you cannot deduct some of the expenses you have as an individual house cleaner.


The IRS allows business owners to deduct the cost of some things that you probably already have and use in your freelance house cleaning, but you cannot deduct from your personal income taxes. As a White Glove business owner, you can subtract from your taxes the cost of these and many other things you use in your business:


  • Vehicle and Related Expenses.  Operating your vehicle is a must for your business. Gas, repairs, licensing, registration, oil changes, insurance, etc. are deductible; the amount varies.


  • Home Office.  The costs of running your business from your home can be figured and deducted.


  • Cell Phone.  Cell phone costs involved in the day-to-day operations.


  • Internet, Computer, Printer, and Related Supplies.  Internet, computer hardware, software, and related supplies, such as ink cartridges, are necessary to running your business and are deductible.

White Glove

Business Tax Deductions

You Don't Have

As an Individual

A White Glove cleaning business is “profit intensive,” meaning it makes good profit—more than most other service businesses. “Profit” is the money that is left over after paying all the expenses of running a business. These expenses include paying your help, cost of equipment, cost of supplies, transportation, etc.


Not only are the costs of running your White Glove cleaning business low, but many other advantages help you maximize the money you can make:


  • No office necessary.  This is a home-based business.  Only minimal storage space is required for equipment and supplies. Work out of your garage.


  • No expensive, specialized equipment.  Only inexpensive equipment and cleaning agents are required besides vacuum cleaners, and a vehicle that you probably already have.


  • No costly inventory.  Supplies can be purchased only as needed without the need to purchase and maintain an extensive inventory.


  • Can be entirely owner-operated.  Most of the work can easily be done by the owner. Some technical and administrative work is provided by White Glove leaving you time to make money.


  • No land-line business telephone required.  A cell phone used for the business is the only telephone that is required.


  • Non-strenuous work.  Though it is indeed work, the work is varied and not strenuous.  You may even find the work stress-relieving since there are no pressures, no responsibilities once the work is finished, and no bosses monitoring your every move.

More Ways To Profit


"With so many ways to make money, I'm glad to partner with White Glove."